Dangerous Compassions

getting kissed by two bears

Scatteredness is tons of ideas and good intentions.

Anxiousness is full of emotions and caring about what happens.

Panic is my body reacting honestly to feelings, telling me I need to step back.

Crying is an expression of relief to emote the worry.

Rest is a kind way to be with myself and a sacred way to care for my well-being.

Hugs are a gentle moment of connection and bodily joy.

Ming is a good sport letting me take funny photos of him getting kissed by two bears.

Laura-Marie is a blogger who apparently doesn’t give up easily.

September is my favorite month for a ton of good fall reasons.

Sleep is where my mind strengthens itself with healing dreams 

as my body enjoys blanket comfort, softness, darkness, horizonalness, and Bunny.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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