Dangerous Compassions


It’s the wee hours of Monday–I missed a day blogging.  How did that happen? 

We’re in Mojave at a cheap hotel.  Ming keeps falling asleep on his phone and popping up again.

The light in here is bad and harsh.  I was working on a new zine–soupline 2.  Telling some stories I need to tell about homeless friends I had and lost.  I feel very good about it.

The best feelings in the world:

telling a story I need to tell, a hug from a loved one, anticipation of a delicious event, freedom, blissful contentment, that pink feeling of wellness I get in my body sometimes when I’m praying in bed, about to fall asleep, one had on my tummy, one arm around Bunny or Ming.  Suddenly getting a new idea that feels exciting and important and that I believe will help me make a great change.  Dancing–a blissful feeling of movement after I didn’t dance for a while–remembering my whole body can be celebrating like that.

gratitude list

ok hotel room

quiet except the ac white noise

a return home

faith / hopefulness


I took a benedryl for an allergic reaction I’m having, and it just kicked in.  So here I go back to bed.  Good night, homies.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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