Dangerous Compassions

the stuff I’m talking about vs the stuff I’m not talking about

“Are you a regular dork, or King of the Dorks?” I asked Ming.  I’d asked him to buy me screen wipes.  I’ve been wanting to clean my computer screen for a long time.  He bought lens wipes.  Oh, sweetie.

We went to Santa Barbara to visit our friend who lives at the Mission.  He treated us to vegan food–we went to Mesa Verde.  The food was delicious, creative, and seemed really special.  He doesn’t own anything.  They have a common purse. 

Then we stopped by Hendry’s Beach.  Some painters were painting–seemed idyllic.  I liked the water, the creek, the hill covered in plants, beautiful clouds. 

You know me–I’m crazy about clouds.  The guys went for a walk.  I did some writing, sat on benches, took some photos, enjoyed life.  I got sun.  It didn’t feel too intense like desert sun.  It felt ok.

My teacher wrote a series of sonnets Running at Hendry’s.

At the Mission, we got a tour of secret places.  They were growing this gorgeous plant.  Turns out it’s wild dagga, or lion’s ear, which is legal but can give a mild high.  I thought it was a sage.  It’s in the mint family.

Life is full of surprises.  I can feel done and fed up.  Then there’s beauty again–Ming’s smile, a new plant, a delicious pretend cheese sandwich.  Thank you, God.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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