Dangerous Compassions


At the place where I go to therapy, in the waiting room there are some signs.  One says DREAM, I remember.  But most are lists.  One says Family Rules.  Then it says all these instructions–forgive, ask permission, hug–stuff like that.  There’s a Friendship Rules also.  Keep secrets, it says.

I read these things and feel annoyed but curious.  Are these good ideas?  I contemplate the instructions.  Are they helping anyone?

I imagine the person who designed them.  How did they come up with the list.  I’m thinking it’s something they brainstormed.  Or they googled other lists like this one and plagiarized.

This farmhouse we’re staying at, my eyes keep returning to a big light blue sign with white writing.  Smile, share joy and kindness, play outside, dance in the rain…

I can tell I’m taking it too seriously.  I’m doubting the people of this household are dancing in the rain.  Their dog who tended the goats died on Monday.

The sky is starting to light.  We were thinking about going to a cave.  I had trouble getting good information from the janky websites.  I wish the prices were easy to find.

Yesterday we saw a tree Ming was trying to identify with an app.  His app said it was Moreton Bay Fig.  I said no, it was a madrone.  Like a strawberry tree.  So I was looking at tree pics on google images, but they were too small.

I remember when a lot of homeless people lived under the Moreton Bay Fig in Santa Barbara.  And them getting kicked out.  Ming said he saw it from the train station.

My friend is wrapped in a blanket, and Ming offered him coffee.  My friend said he was ensconced.   I said he seemed more cocooned than ensconced.

“Are you going to transform into something?  Maybe into an awake person,” I said.  I think of ensconced as a torch stuck to the wall.

These inspirational instruction signs, I’d like to make a joke one.  Or one that’s more pertinent to my life.

never in a hurry

care for Mother Earth

nourish people

respect those who have less than you

leave your campsite cleaner than when you arrived

don’t wait for others to do it

be grateful

create the world you need

listen to kids

hug a tree

resist capitalism for fun

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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