Dangerous Compassions

in California

We’re in Pioneer, and it’s beautiful here with oak trees and conifers.  Our friend’s parents have a farm.  A worker just brought in eggs. 

It’s hot and there are fans blowing.  I’m getting hotter and hotter.

The dogs are big and old.  Three dogs.  One fell when her back legs gave out.  The humans are sad about the dogs, that they’ll die soon.

Some tomato seeds are in mason jars, rotting so the slimy stuff will break down, so the seeds can be saved for next year.

Trying to figure out how to cool down.  Maybe I’ll lie down so I can take my clothes off.

Beautiful places, strange experiences of how did I get here.  We spent two days driving to Sacramento–then I was surprised to arrive.  Didn’t make much sense. 

The house where we’re staying in El Cerrito has amazing views of the San Francisco Bay, huge windows, a patio with many plants, coolness.  It’s like a retreat.

I’d like to stay there to do nothing for a while.  So far, we’ve overscheduled, like usual.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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