Dangerous Compassions

special salad, kit contents, fruit view, new zine, new chair, bagel mania

Finally I’m showing you the picture of the lovely salad I was talking about.  Mmm, gotta make more of this salad!

Ming photographed the emotional first aid kit at Happy Earth Market for me so I could see if anything was missing that I could replenish.

My good friend asked me for pics of Las Vegas, so I sent a few including this fruit view.

I have a new zine.  I like it.  I found on the floor another calla lily drawing I made for it.  Oops.  It fell.  I can pop it into the original and maybe one day if I make another run, the calla lily will be included.

Ming’s up with a nightmare.  I ate a bagel.  Yesterday had hard parts, but I’m grateful to be alive and trying new things.

“How’s your new chair?” Ming asked.

“The armrests are lower, than on the old one.  Otherwise, seems good.  Somewhat supportive.  The seat is plenty wide.  You put it at a good height.”

“What about the buttons on the side?”

“Those are for the rocket.  For if I want to go to the moon.  I haven’t tried that yet.  Gonna hold off on that, for now.”

“What about the levers?”

“Those are for if I want to change into a different animal.  Like a mouse.”

“Oh!”  Laughter.

“I’m making stuff up, honey.  You wanna try it?”

“No.  I just wanna know what it does.”

“You know the difference between you and me?  You’re an explorer.”

“Like Dora?”

“Yeah!  You’re an explorer of outer worlds, and I’m an explorer of inner worlds.”

“Oh, like…”

“Like a drug person who doesn’t use drugs?”

“There’s no mascot for that one.”

“Dora the Inner Explora?”

Something about lunar travels, whether I’m a lunatic.  He’s making a bagel for himself now.

I forgot to tell my friend that my view from the courtyard, in the distance, in the middle, you can see the Stratosphere.  Maybe you’d need to zoom.  I’m in a neighborhood in the city, but I can see this symbol of decadent Vegasness every day, without leaving home.

Ming jumped from the Stratosphere twice.  So we have a connection to it that’s extra.  Also, LuvIt Custard is right by the Stratosphere, and a pizza place we like.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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