Dangerous Compassions

bag project

Hey, guess what.  We finally gave away one of those bags.  An elder sitting in her walker was begging with a cardboard sign, at a place where the parking lot meets the street.  Ming pulled over and got the bag and handed it to her.  She said thank you.

I was imagining the card would go unread because the person needed glasses and didn’t have any, but as we pulled away, she was reading the card.  That’s what she went to first.

I was so glad it worked out, I almost cried.  So now I’ll make another one.

Ready supplies for making more bags.

Contents of the next bag.

So I guess I’m now accepting donations for the project.  My birthday is in late September, if you would like an occasion. 

individually wrapped wet wipes

dollar bills

individual apple sauces

wrapped toothbrushes

canned fruit with a pop top

non-condensed soup with a pop top

case of water bottles

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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