Dangerous Compassions

shake it shake shake it shake it shake shake it shake it shake it like a printer cartridge / toner

“Why can’t it put black stuff on the page?  What’s so hard about that?  That’s its whole job!  Other printers can do that just fine!”

“Shh, you’ll give it a complex,” Ming said.

“It’s in the other room,” I said.  “It can’t hear me.”

“It has wi-fi,” Ming said.

“I’m not digital,” I said.  “I’m analog.  Can you shake it?  Can you shake it like toner?”

We got distracted talking about “shake it like a polaroid picture” which Ming doesn’t know. 

“Don’t you remember when S was moving up to Portland, and she had that party at the karaoke bar, and she and her friend were singing that song?”

“You remember the song they were singing?”

They were so energetic and happy.  I consider this song of modern times, but I looked at youtube and see it’s from 2004–fifteen years ago.  Dang.

Our friend gave us a recipe for a mediterranean chickpea salad.  I told you about it–I made it pretty much according to the recipe. 

Well, now I have it down to five ingredients, plus dressing.  It’s much, much better for me, this way.  I was planning to add olives and sun-dried tomatoes, got too tired to chop those, and learned they are completely unnecessary.

cup cooked quinoa

can drained garbanzo beans

fresh parsley

sliced cucumbers

avocado chunks

The original recipe called for feta, bell pepper, red onion, and making your own vinaigrette–doesn’t need feta, and I’m just using some vegan tahini lemon dressing I had in the fridge, left over from the Sacred Peace Walk. 

So it’s simple, vegan, cheap, easy, has protein, and is so delicious, eating it is a joy.  And it’s cold–great for summer.  And you can make a bunch of it and eat it for days.  Just add the dressing to your individual dished serving.

I’m liking parsley as a green, but I think using raw spinach instead of parsley could be good also.  Or lettuce.  Historically, I haven’t been that into salads.  But this is a winner.  Thank you to the recipe-sharing friend.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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