Dangerous Compassions

cat life, cairns, Never Knew You From the Sun

Wally / Wiley likes to drink from the hose as it drips for a minute after Ming waters the door garden.

There’s a pot that doesn’t drain well, and Wally / Wiley likes to drink from that also.

Catastrophe likes to drink from the wet sidewalk.

This morning we went to Red Rock.  I needed that.  Ming went for a walk while I stood on some sandstone with my shoes off and touched sandstone with my hands also.  I was thanking Mother Earth for her love.  It was incredibly nourishing.

I also sat on a bench in the sun, my skirt pulled up to reveal my legs, feeling the sun’s warmth and enjoying it for what it was, hoping I was helping the sun nourish me by giving me vitamin d.   I looked at my legs and loved them.  It was 93.  So I did that a while then moved to the shade.

There I saw a scene of carnage.  Or cairn-age.

When Ming was done walking and came over to me, I told him, “Someone over-cairned.  A bit repetitive.”

I had been singing a song I like.  I sang it for myself three times, each time better–the acoustics were good right there.  A huge rock wall was nearby.

Then I sang it for Ming.  He liked it.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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