Dangerous Compassions


I thought my storage space with google was sort of endless, but I guess I’m out.  I’m deleting thousands of emails, but I think photos are probably the problem.  My settings can be confusing–I had an iphone, but now I have an android that uses google photos, which I hate.

“What computer person decided photos should save in multiple places?” I’ve asked Ming, while going nuts, trying to find a file I just saved.

There was a bad smell like burning.  I woke up thinking it was morning when it was not even close.  Ming dressed and investigated.  He decided it might be the north swamp cooler.  We decided to turn it off.  “But then somebody has to get up on the roof and fix it,” I told Ming.  But there’s the south swamp cooler also.

I had a very good mood that crossed over into extreme irritability.  All sounds hurt me, and I was angry about everything.  Trying to figure out if that happens to other people, or is it a bipolar thing.  I went to bed.

Sensory stuff is a pain.  Sometimes I’d like less sense-input and a vacation from emotions.  But I gotta be me.

My ankles are swelled, but I feel good otherwise.  I’ve danced at least three days in a row–thank god for the B-52s.

But I blew my duolingo streak.  I had done Spanish nine days in a row.  It helped that I kept that tab open on my browser.  But my computer has been doing an annoying thing where it pauses, like I maxed out the memory, so I’m trying to close intensive tabs, and I don’t know if duolingo is intensive.

Well, if you send me an email and it bounces, I’m working on it.  You could give me a call.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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