Dangerous Compassions

cartoon caveman Ming and the fishbone comb

We were kitchen dancing to the B-52s.  “You look like a caveman!” I told Ming.  “Your forehead is oily, and you need to comb your hair…” 

He rubbed his forehead with his wrist.  “Is it gone?” he asked.

“Yeah, much better,” I said.

“Glad my forehead is gone!” he said.

“Yeah, now you have a three-head” I said.  We laughed.

“How will I comb my hair?” he asked.  We have a woeful lack of combs in our life.

“With your fingers!” I said.

“I can use a fish bone,” he said.  We laughed more.

There was a comb from some Viking excavation, and the scientists were curious about the word that was carved on it–found out the word was “comb.”  For some reason, I think about that all the time.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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