Dangerous Compassions

swan swan

Tap, tap.  “Is this real gold?” asked the print shop owner.  He was making prints of Ming’s Jesus of Sinai icon.

“Ouch!  I guess he’s not the religious one!” I told Ming afterward.  In the prints, there’s a little gold glitter in Jesus’ hair.

Ming was showing me how it came out too dark.  They look great, but I see what he means–they’re not the true colors.

Ming’s the kind of person who can’t tell the difference between fonts, so I thought he was insensitive, but I see he can be very attentive to detail.

We borrowed the icon back from the Worker while our friends are away, on vacation for their 25 year wedding anniversary.  “Don’t think about us even once!” I told J right before they left.

“That’s not possible,” she said.  “You’re always in my heart.”  There was a huge cucumber somebody donated.  We were playing with it–the swan cucumber, we called it.

“I think everyone we love becomes a part of us,” J said.

“I hear that and raise you–we are all one, so everyone is part of us, whether we love them or not,” I said.

G proposed to her on a train, so they took a train trip to Glacier National park for their anniversary.  We’re caring for some germinating seeds while they’re gone, but they didn’t give us money like they give money to the person who cares for the chickens.  I guess chickens are aliver.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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