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zine fest report: Co-Zi 2019

Yesterday was going to be the day–the day I used broken-up lasagne noodles to make pasta salad.  But then I chickened out, realizing that I had some macaroni after all.

I was thinking–I can’t have much red sauce.  It’s not good for my stomach, the acid maybe?  But then I was thinking–I can make lasagne with a different sauce.  I don’t want an alfredo kind of sauce.  But maybe I could make a vegan cheesy sauce, with cashews, maybe.  There are options.

But who wants to use the oven when it’s 122 degrees outside.  Some people do their oven cooking early in the morning.

Ming enjoyed the zine fest yesterday.  More people came than I thought there would be.  My zine Resisting Capitalism for Fun was given to Bernie Sanders’ person, kinda weird.  Ming is more interested in celebrity than I am.  (Bernie Sanders was at the Center yesterday afternoon too.)

Still need to unpack stuff, see how much the radical mental health collective got in donations, write an email to everyone who signed up on the more info signup sheet.

Radical tablers saved the day with their smart friendliness.

At home, I enjoyed life’s glow.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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We made a version of this vegan lasagna, and she has a good white sauce recipe with cashews:

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