Dangerous Compassions

happy retreat week

Today’s the day–potato salad day.

Also, my retreat begins.  Don’t talk to me about volunteer work stuff.  Talk to the hand!

My friend posted on facebook a meme of affirming things to say to kids.  One was “I just know you’re going to be successful.”  According to my world view, a kid is successful right now.  So I made my own list, starting with–You are successful right now.  And I kept going.

So I made a list of 30 or so things.  I’ll put it in an upcoming zine.

Ming made me tea–I was craving lemongrass.  He’s telling me to get compression socks.  “When are you going to get a job to pay for my socks?” I asked him.  Sock job.

retreat week ideas

small ritual



elevate feet

quiet time with M

copious alone time

draw–make zine art


hear holy music

guided meditation youtube

chair yoga

make special dance

Library selfie the other day.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

One reply on “happy retreat week”

Maybe you can get a deal on compression socks on eBay?

I'm glad you're having your retreat. 🙂 And I like your zine idea.

I have been watching meditation videos from The Mindful Movement on YouTube. They have some good ones about healing.

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