Dangerous Compassions

edgy double trilobite Ming and the humid hotel room

We’re at a hotel in Morgan Hill, one step up from our usual cheap ass hotel.  The room is small but clean, and the bed is comfy. 

I was up in the night, of course, and I saw a weird spider walking around at 2am–big roundish body like a black widow, but light brown.  Long, thin legs.  It creeped me out.  I was worried it somehow was a black widow missing some pigment. 

Ming tried to catch it.  “Don’t let it bite you!” I said.  He flushed it down the toilet.  Sorry, God’s creature.

There’s no bathroom fan.  The room feels very humid from Ming’s long shower. 

We have a full day planned, and I’m worried I’ll lose my strength and need a rest but nowhere to retreat to: Hotel breakfast, I go to a library while Ming visits with his mom, picking up books at someone’s house in Oakland, lunch at my favorite place, visiting a zine friend at her bakery, then Ming sees one of his kids while I sit at a cafe somewhere, writing.  Then on to Sacramento.

Even on a good day, this would be incredible, but I don’t have all my strength.  I asked Ming if he thought I’d still be anemic, five months after being released from the hospital.  He said he thought it’d take three.

“My throat hurts,” I said.  “I wine a lot, for someone who doesn’t drink.”

Ming’s going to wear his trilobite necklace with a trilobite teeshirt.  “How edgy!” I said.

“That’s how I like to be perceived,” he said.  I was giving him fashion advice since he’s seeing his relatives and wants to impress them.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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