Dangerous Compassions


“She doesn’t think avocados are food,” Mom said.  Gatito was sniffing Mom’s breakfast avocado.  “Oh, she licked it.”

I thought–Gatito licked my hand also.  “What about you?”  I asked.


“Do you think avocados are food?”

“Definitely,” Mom answered.

“Not me,”  I said.  “I think they’re better than food.”  I was slicing a Gilcrease tomato to make tomato toast to go with my avocado toast.

Then Ming came to protect me as I ate.  The kitten has some stealthy attacks.  Earlier she stepped in my yogurt.  But it was mostly just the fruit part on the bottom.  I don’t usually eat that anyway.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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