Dangerous Compassions


We went to Amena for lunch.  I was having a bad day and needed something.  This is my veggie combo, so delicious.  Bread comfort, amazing tahini sauce, wonderful falafel nuggets.  The mint lemonade is a sweet treat also.

We did a zine photo shoot.  Ming was on the bench by the back house and Catastrophe came up to him and started rubbing on him.  “It’s touching me!  The cat’s touching me!” Ming said, freaking out.  OCD is a bummer.  I laughed and kept taking pictures.

Sleep deprivation is destroying my memory.  I’ll say, “Hey, Ming.”  He says, “What?”  By then I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say.

There are a lot of things to lose in this world.  I had no idea, how many.  I guess we need to gather our roses while we may.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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