Dangerous Compassions

calling in crazy

me:  What will you say, when people ask you where I am?

Ming:  I’ll say you’re not feeling well.

me:  You should tell them something funny.  You could say I ran away and joined the circus.

Ming:  No, I’m not going to tell them that!

me:  How about, I ran away to Tahini?

Ming:  tahini?


me:  Yeah, Tahini!

Ming:  I’m not going to tell them anything that makes it sound like you did something bad.

me:  I could run away to the circus–that’s not bad.  Then I can run back.  You should ask them, Where do you think she is?  Then they could give you an answer more funny than anything we could ever think of.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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