Dangerous Compassions

when I wanted the salt washed off the cashews

me: Hey, you never washed off the cashews for me.

Ming: You really wanted me to do that?

me: Yeah!

Ming: I thought you were kidding.

me: Why would I be kidding?

Ming:  Because then they would be all wet.

me: Yeah, then I’d dry them off.

Ming: But then they’d be all blotted.

me: Just a little bit.  Not too many.

Ming: Ok!

me: Why do you put them in the bowl I hate?*

Ming: Because I’m going to wash them off.

me: How does that make sense?

Ming: Then I’ll put them into a bowl you love!

*I call the small metal mixing bowls “doggie bowls” and don’t ever want to eat out of them.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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