Dangerous Compassions

happy birthday to Vera

It’s my friend’s birthday today, so I’m wearing the necklace she gave me for my birthday, years ago, and sending her extra love.

I think I have a little more energy, more follow-thru with my intentions.  Things seem more possible.

I survived my sleep study.  It was pretty horrible.  But I washed my hair and got that yucky glue stuff out.

This morning we’re going to pick apriums–I hope there are some left for us.  We’re waiting for R to get done at the soup line.

Last night I used my emotional first aid kit for the first time.  It only has a few things in it right now.  But I comforted myself as I waited for the tech to hook me up to all the wires.  Ming and I played with the rocks, and I wrote in the little journal. 

I decided that rocks are the original toys.  Who needs a beanie baby.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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