Dangerous Compassions

emotional first aid kit

clear plastic bag to hold everything

noise-canceling headphones

These are too big to go in the kits I’m making now. But if I ever have to spend time in the hospital again, I’d like some noise-canceling headphones so I can take a break from the hospital while in the hospital.

small sketchbook and pen

I’m annoyed by lines, don’t need them.

notes / art from loved ones

I have some already or can ask friends to make me something special.

encouraging letter to self

I like to write to myself periodically anyway.

tiny zine of self-care, other-care

I actually made a one-page affirmation zine years ago.

essential oil spray

I can get small empty spray bottles and put a few drops essential oil in there then fill the whole bottle with water. I already have a blend that’s supposed to be good for happiness–its main smell is orange. I have a blend for calmness also that I was given by a friend.

rocks / crystals for calming or grounding

Hematite is classic, but lots of rocks could work. Something beautiful and feels good in the hand.

talisman for healing, homemade beforehand

affirmation cards

With blank cards for writing new ones?  I can just cut up index cards.

calming herbal tea

I’m including a bag of lemongrass tea well-sealed in plastic.

oatstraw tea

For anxiety.

magnesium glycinate

For anxiety.

emergency contact numbers

Local warm line.

cute toy?

Haven’t figured this one out yet.  Maybe a little beanie baby type toy?

comforting spiritual or religious item

Small book, prayer on a card, or medal.

squeezy thing

Just a stress ball.

palo santo with small lighter

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Thank you for sharing. It would be a neat idea for a workshop or a writing exercise for people to come up with a list of what to put in their own kit, or what they would put in kits to share with others.

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