Dangerous Compassions

all I need

Ming put some small white beans in the crock pot this morning.  So now I have fresh beans to eat.  Ah.  Delicious.

We went to a magical bookstore today.  I’ve been looking for rubies for the emotional first aid kits I’m making.  I heard rubies are grounding yet energizing.  Sounds good.  Also they are very pretty.

They were out of rubies, but I got a few other stones.





Also I bought a card with three rabbits on it making a triangle with their ears.  And a large card with this lovely lady on it who is riding a ram.  There’s a volcano erupting in the distance, some trippy flowers in the foreground, and the sun is rising.

This morning I had a mild anxiety attack.  Ming put his hand on my shoulder, which helped.  Then I cried, which really helped.  I told Ming, “Life is a wide path that leads to death.”

Freshly boiled beans are just about my favorite food in the world.  With salt and butter.  That’s really all I need.

My package is supposed to arrive today.  The zipper pouches, the other zipper pouches I’ll make the emotional first aid kits in, and a fabric bag that hopefully is really big.

I met with my friend J this afternoon.  We sat and talked outside.  She took me to the garden to show me all the green tomatoes and held my hand.  The wind was blowing my dress around too much.  Then we went up to the prayer room and talked more.

Thank god for friends, crock pots, beans, beautiful stones that cost one dollar each, Ming, and life.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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