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special horse day

Today Ming rode a horse for the first time.  I’m feeling like a good spouse for helping him fulfil a lifelong dream.  He wasn’t scared and did great.  They rode a trail by a waterfall and could see the ocean at times, from the mountain area.

It’s up a canyon I had never been up before, and I loved seeing all the beautiful trees, clouds blowing by, stream, and birds–tons of scrub jays, little woodpeckers, robins gathering nest material.

I sat looking at all the beauty for a while, then went into the lodge where I drank free Lipton tea and worked on a long letter.  Then I went outside again and looked at the beauty more–oaks, sycamores, California poppies.

Then we went to Isla Vista and at the Little Free Library at the co-op I got an art brochure thing for a free exhibit at UCSB of Chicano art.  I want to go this summer.

We ate our picnic lunch and enjoyed life.  Then I visited my bestie and her baby.  We had a good time talking and playing with baby toys.  The baby liked my blue painted toenails and touched them.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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