Dangerous Compassions

C is the Heavenly Option

I joined Coursera and am taking a music theory class.  It’s free to audit. 

I’ve always felt curious about music theory.  They’re starting at the beginning–I already knew pitch, notes, staff, octave.  But I think it will get difficult really quick.

And why is an A the same as an A, an octave higher or lower?  How are they both an A?  I can hear that they are, but why?  I kind of wish for more detail or science or something.

I have a lot of questions.

I was telling Ming, they started with A, but in my mind, C is the first note, the God note.  C is very dear to me.  My favorite note.

“Isn’t C on a violin?’ Ming asked.

“Uh…all the notes are on a violin,” I said.

But what is a note.  I know other cultures can have other notes.  Is it ok, to limit our notes?  I guess that’s not music theory.  That’s something else.  Music philosophy or something.  Music ethics.

I got great news at a doctor’s appointment today.  I really needed it.  Almost all the news really couldn’t have been better.

But last night I had a small health / anxiety crisis that I got myself through, 11:30pm to 1:30am.  I still feel fragile.  It takes me a day to recover, around 24 hrs.  So I’m not expecting too much from myself right now.

Ming recovers faster.  We need to keep him well.  He needs support so we both don’t go down at the same time.  I was looking for an online CBT class.  That’s why I went to the Coursera website.  There’s edX too.

So much to learn, in this world.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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