Dangerous Compassions

spring fever

Spring makes me crazy.  All the extra light. Warmth making my body feel different.  Plantlife going wild. 

Spring is too much.  Too many changes. So fluxy.  I asked Ming, are things going to change back?  He said he didn’t know.

Long time ago I had really bad anxiety.  I was having multiple panic attacks per day.  I felt I wasn’t going to last too long.  Then a rural health nurse put me on Paxil.  Suddenly I could live.  It was dramatic and strange.

Monday I had a panic attack.  Then yesterday I was panicking for hours.  Today I’m feeling better.  Taking it minute by minute.  Say a prayer for me.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Hi LM,

I’ve had periods like that in the recent past. I agree medication can be a salvation. If it’s only mild anxiety something like floor based yoga can be helpful.

I’ve been there, feeling like I could live.

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