Dangerous Compassions


Woke up from bad dreams about my upcoming endoscopy.  I would rather skip it.  “Can’t we just have faith that my ulcer healed?” I asked Ming.

It bothers me that just because a procedure is possible, it becomes necessary.  Someone invented it.  It went from an idea to a possibility to a necessity.  I’m grateful to the people who think this stuff up.  And maybe my first endoscopy, when they put the four clips in to make the ulcer close, they saved my life?

But I feel like once is enough.  But it’s complicated because of something else they saw, last endoscopy, that they didn’t understand.  So they want another look.

Last time the drugs gave me that weird vision, and it was too much.  Things might be different this time since my health is better this time.  I’m not in the hospital.  I’m less anemic.

Well, I’m sorry to complain.  Lately I’m too anxious.  I thought I was done with that.  I want a remedy.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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