Dangerous Compassions

what happened, as spoken to Ming

I was standing outside, waiting for you, just kinda looking around.  Then I felt a feeling on my chest.  I didn’t think much.  Then there was a “arrrgh!” and I felt it bite me.  So I went like this.  [motion of brushing off my chest] 

And I looked down, and I saw the bug on the ground.  But it didn’t look like a bug–it looked like a rock.  It was a weird shape for a bug.  So I was looking at it, wondering if it was really the bug that bit me, and then I saw it stick out its wings. 

You know how a ladybug has wings, underneath its shell?  Transparent, thin, flimsy wings?  Well this bug had wings like that, and it stuck them out for just a second and pulled them back in.

I used to get bit by ladybug larvae all the time.  Back when I went to McKinley Park, there was a bench I sat on that had a lot of ladybug larvae sometimes. 

Why did they bite me?  I was just sitting there.  Maybe they were trying to see if I was good to eat?  Those assholes. 

Well, I guess ladybugs are good–they eat aphids.  They’re cute, when they’re adults.  Beetles are the diversity champions, you know.  I saw a graph.

Anyway, it was kind of emotional.  I think I killed it, when I brushed it off me.  I think it was sticking out its wings like, oh no, can I fly away?  I guess not–I’m dying.  Nevermind.

It was kind of too much for me.  Jeeze.  It’s okay, Laura-Marie.  It’s just a bug.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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