Dangerous Compassions


It’s time to relax, but I’m having trouble getting my mind off things I need to do.  I washed some radishes and cut them into quarters for tomorrow’s lunch.  I put some sheets and towels to wash.  I called and emailed and txted people to logisticate.  I made schedules for tomorrow and Friday.

I want some comfort.  I’ve been eating too much sugar, or more than usual.  I’ve been taking naps.

Last night someone expressed surprise that we were willing to pick her up at 6am.  People don’t understand that during Sacred Peace Walk time, sleep goes out the window.

“So does common sense,” Ming says.  It’s temporary.  But I wish it was over, when it’s over.  We have a board meeting Easter Monday.

What was that thing I was going to tell you.  Oh, I told some Sacred Peace Walkers a few days ago that the black cat is Rainbow.  And the huge orange cat is Catastrophe.  Hours later I heard a Walker tell another Walker that the cats were Rainbow and Disaster.  I guess they didn’t get the pun.

Here’s my friend Senji with Catastrophe.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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