Dangerous Compassions


I think my sense of smell is coming back.  When I was in the hospital, it went away, no idea why.  Now I get a whiff of things at times and feel excited.  Smell is an important part of life.

My eyes hurt and they’re itchy.  I resent allergies.  Is it pollution?  I resent that I’m supposed to fork over tons of bucks for allergy meds.  I tried two last year.  I hate pills.

I ate some delicious grapes very dark purple.  They tasted great.  I’m too tired to cook anything.  I shopped till I dropped, for the Sacred Peace Walk–five different stores today.  R gets gift cards donated, so I have to figure out what’s best to get where and try to use the cards in a smart way.

Well, I feel like the pain in my eyes is telling me to go to bed.  I was supposed to have dinner with friends, but it would have been abusing myself.  I’m out of energy.  Social energy is the hardest, for me.

I made a schedule for the next few days, what I’m doing when.  Gnight, everyone.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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