Dangerous Compassions


Things are changing.  While one community member took another to radiation, a third community member was carrying a shovel around the courtyard, doing some kind of work with the earth, I guess. 

A while back I saw him throwing rocks into the trees, which I considered bad behavior.  I’m guessing he didn’t like the bird poop on the courtyard’s sidewalk.

A community member leaves this weekend, moving to Arizona.  She was here less than a year.  She’s a hard worker and will be missed.

And a community member has a new girlfriend.  She just quit her full-time job and is now over here all the time. 

It’s a lot to get used to.  I take changes to who I’m living with really hard.  It takes a long time for me to adjust, and there’s no willing my adjustment to go faster.

Not that the person leaving is a problem, or the new girlfriend’s arrival.  It’s all ok.  But I have to sit with it.  Nothing to solve here.  I just need to let it sink in.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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