Dangerous Compassions


Isn’t this a gorgeous photo, Ming took, of the aloe blooming and Freedom House in the background?  Tree shadow, St Francis statue, birdbath, cactus.

I keep remembering how one year, at our spring council meeting, the aloe near the back house were blooming.  Bees were coming for the flowers.  The bees were bothering H, so he cut off all the flowers and threw them away in the green waste can.

That’s how much he loves us.  He was afraid someone would get stung.

Love can be weird, make people do weird things.  Today I bought myself flowers.  They’re purple and daisy-like.  I looked at the sticker to see what they’re called–they’re called Filler.  I laughed in the grocery store.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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