Dangerous Compassions

comfort beans

I cooked some black-eyes peas this morning with two small bay leaves and some whole garlic cloves.  It took only a couple hours in the slow cooker–odd.  I didn’t soak them.

Maybe they were extra-fresh. They definitely seemed extra-clean, from the bulk bins at WinCo.  No rock or twig or dirt or even dust, when I rinsed them.  No shriveled or ugly bean.  No bonus bean of a different type.

Beans are a miracle.  So delicious, so cheap.  Unsurpassed comfort.  I put in salt and pepper and some butter, mix it up, and chow down.

I got a book in the mail.  I ordered it knowing there was a possible printing error, but my copy looks fine.  Yay!  It’s Decolonize Your Diet: Plant-Based Mexican-American Recipes for Health and Healing.  I want to learn.

Yesterday I dropped my computer.  Well, I put it on a desk pile and it slid off and hit the floor hard.  I didn’t know if it would even be in one piece, let alone functional as a computer.  But it’s working fine.  These chomebooks are tougher than they look.

Today a friend is coming over to pay a visit.  Then a different friend is taking me to the doctor at 2:30.  Ming can’t take me because he’s bringing H to radiation.  Should be a good day.

Time for shorts.  The high is 81.  Wow.

Pretty fruit pic Ming took!

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