Dangerous Compassions

how to make the Bible way funnier

In the minivan, I dropped some pills.  Ming’s pill thing was too full.

me:  What are these huge ones?

Ming:  They’re cholesterol pills.

me:  You don’t need them in your pill thing.  They’re not for when you’re on the run.

Ming:  You’re supposed to take them when you eat a meal with cholesterol in it.

me:  No way!

Ming:  Yeah.

me:  I don’t believe you.  Cholesterol pills aren’t prn!

Ming:  They aren’t exactly prn.  You’re supposed to take them with meals.  Cholesterol from trees replaces the cholesterol from animals.

me:  Are you making fun of me?    I wanna read the bottle.

Ming:  Esters and sterols.

me:  Those are queens, and those are when something’s really clean.

Ming:  No.

me:  Well, that’s what it sounds like.  I liked Esther.  I had a little golden book about her.  Did you like Esther, when you were a kid?

Ming:  Esther sounds like a lot of other names.  Like Ethel, or Amelia.

me:  Amelia Bedelia?

Ming:  Yes.

me:  You think Amelia Bedelia was in the Bible?


me:  That would make the Bible way funnier.  I’m going to draw the drapes.  I’m going to dress the turkey.

Ming:  I loved that book.

me:  She made being a housekeeper seem fun.  I’m not buying it.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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