Dangerous Compassions


The largest mesquite tree has been removed from our courtyard.  Life looks so sad and weird now, missing that tree. 

Its roots were harming Freedom House, so it needed to come out.  Those were the wrong trees to plant here. 

But wow, it looks terrible and way too sunny now!

H is in the courtyard watering the cactus.  Maybe he’s getting used to it.  Things change. 

We’re planning to plant a new tree during the Sacred Peace Walk.  Something to commemorate war victims, maybe.

J suggested an apricot tree.  I said a mesquite, a smaller kind, a kind that’s supposed to grow around here.  We could harvest its pods to make flour.

But H wants palo verde, and maybe he’ll get his way.  I think you can eat the flowers. And it has a special kind of beetle you can eat too.  But I’m a vegetarian, mostly.

I got so much done this morning, but there’s still a million things to do.

I need to learn how to use miso.  I know miso soup and in a dressing.  But maybe there’s more.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

One reply on “empty”

When I had reliable refrigeration, I kept miso on hand. I would use it to make gravy, and sometimes I would just add it to whatever I was eating, if I wanted to have that taste with my meal. I think you are not supposed to cook it too hard or all the good stuff in it dies. HOwever, I could be confusing miso with something else.

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