Dangerous Compassions

things I’ve accomplished since getting out of the hospital

-arm and hand bruises healed

-iv places healed

-healed blood

-recovered from a long cold

-healing ulcer



-managing Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective stuff

-blogging almost every day

-wrote text of new hospital zine

-assembled text of new poetry zine

-new apple tasting zine originals are done

-maintained calendar, to do list

-doctors appointments


“Honey, I think I’m having a problem.  An old person problem.  I’m having trouble remembering what med does what thing.  Like this one, the label says ‘diarrhea’ on it.  So I know which one it is…  There are too many!  How am I supposed to keep track of them?!  It doesn’t help that everything has two names!  Like characters in a Russian novel!”


“No, in a Russian novel, everyone has three names.”


“Did you ever read a Russian novel?”


“Oh, which one?  War and Peace?”


“Brothers Karamozov?”


“Crime and Punishment?”


“Anna Karenina?”


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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