Dangerous Compassions

The Ballad of Larry Bird

me: Hey, one time, back when Netflix was young, back when you got the movies in the mail–do you remember that?

Ming: Yeah.

me: My dad asked me if there was any movie I wanted to see, and so he got it for me from Netflix, and he put it on a VHS tape.  I didn’t have a dvd player yet.

Ming: Okay.

me: And then after that, he got recommendations for gay movies, because the movie I wanted to see was gay.  He complained to me.

[Ming and I laugh.  Dad was a straight shooter.]

me: There was a movie he wanted me to see–it meant something to him, and he wanted to share it with me.  But I never watched it.

Ming: What was it?

me: Big Fish.  Have you ever seen it?

Ming: No.

me: Maybe we should see it.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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