Dangerous Compassions

Mt Tom

A tv was playing an asinine morning show thing where the hosts were being compared to presidents.  Lots of laughter about stuff that wasn’t really funny.  At the waiting room of my doctor.

I told Ming I would rather watch that mountain than the tv.  There was a brown mountain outside. 

“The mountain tells me better things,” I told Ming.  “It says, I’m strong.  You can rely on me.  I’ll be around for a while.  I’m good when the sun shines on me, when there’s a cloud above me, when there’s moonlight and starshine.  I’m always good.”

Ming was telling me how he climbed that mountain twice.  I guess it was Frenchman Mountain.  I heard a rumor there are trilobites up there.  He said it’s slippery.

Then I was telling him about a mountain I had, Mt Tom near Bishop on the Eastern Sierras.  I looked at it every day, and every day it looked different.  I thought that was pretty wild.  And when I drove to Mammoth I could see it from another view as the road curved around.

I told him people saw lights on the mountain and some believe aliens liked Mt Tom especially.

I pulled out my phone and showed him pictures of Mt Tom, and he liked them.  Mt Tom is a five star mountain, based on five google reviews, which made me laugh.

Then the CNA opened the door and called my name and took us back to weigh me and make me read an eye chart, covering each eye, standing behind a certain line.  Still 20/20.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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