Dangerous Compassions


Guest Blogger here. So our hero is in the hospital.

Our trip travel back from Why, AZ, was great. S and I hiked north of Ajo, seeing many cholla and saguaro cactus. It was so beautiful, the craggy volcanic hills and valleys. Our hero and C stayed at the trailer in the huge trailer park.

While we were hiking, our hero, back at the trailer campground got diaphoretic and dizzy with intense urgency of needing to pee, poop, and barf all at the same time. We enjoyed our stay wondering what had happened then we left for the day, intending to return the next day. Then we got back to the motel in Gila Bend, AZ, and decided our best course of action was to instead travel home. We left at 6am and traveled


The desolation was beautiful.

We arrived at the Emergency Department and got admitted for tachycardia. One of our first encounters was with an acquaintance I have seen serving food Fridays at the soupline. She was in training to be a doctor. I guess in her workadayworld she is a medical student. I saw another person who is a Respiratory Therapist who also volunteers with the soupline.

By 3:30am we finally made it to the inpatient hospital room.

Two units of blood and our hero is feeling heroic again.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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