Dangerous Compassions

me happy

M:  I need to get my bearings.

LM:  Why, are you going to the sea?

He’s working on his icons.  I’ll show you a bunch of pictures soon.  Today he applies the gold.

I asked him if he could make more–could he do it on his own.  He said yes.  I asked, “Where would you get the gold?  Take a pan down to the river?”

When I told him he could use fool’s gold, he seemed offended.  “How do you get the gold to stick?” I asked.  We talked about gold glue.  Old horses, glue factories, sacred touching profane.

Yesterday three women and two kids showed up for the lounge cleaning party.  We moved a lot of clutter.

I just wanted to hang out with the kids.  They were both four years old, lively and full of questions.  They liked how I listened to them.  They drew me pictures.

“This is you happy,” one said.

“It doesn’t look like me,” I said.  He’d drawn it very faintly–I was a head with arms and weird eyes.  “It looks like a ghost.”  He told me something about ghosts I didn’t understand.

“Your house has a lot of spiders,” one said.

“Yeah, it does,” I said.  “Black widows, brown ones–all kinds of spiders.”

“Your house is ugly,” he said. 

“But it’s purple!”  I said.  “You’re going to hurt its feelings!”

“It’s ugly!”

“What about the blue house?” I asked, pointing.

“Not ugly.”

“What about the green house?” I asked.

“Not ugly.”  They were laughing as I pretended to be sad.

“You must be cats–you’re on the cat tree,” I said.  I was afraid someone would fall into the cactus, but everyone was fine.

band name idea: Natural Consequences

other band name idea:  Poor Choice

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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