Dangerous Compassions

chaos on chaos

Ming took everything out of the glovebox, and I sorted it, so now my desk has extra weird stuff on it that needs to be put away.  Cds, a mixtape, a kids book, candy, envelopes for guitar strings, hotel soap, a gift ungiven, hair ties in a ziplock, a corn doll, a clippie, pens, my old wallet with its busted zipper, a business card, letters from last year that I still need to reply to.

After this afternoon’s radical mental health meeting, Ming was elated, saying, “That went great!”  I recognized the feeling but was instead just tired, myself.

Then we went to Veganos with new friends for vegan Mexican food.  Mine was delicious.  I love their chorizo.

Ming is coughing in the bedroom.  I was oversocial and messed up my mind.  Tomorrow I have theology class and haven’t done the homework.

Here’s a picture of the thing I helped make happen.  Sometimes life is a miracle.  Photo by Ming.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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