Dangerous Compassions


I was supposed to do a bucket list, in this guided journal my friend gave me for my birthday, but I could only think of two things.  I was supposed to think of ten!

So I got stuck.  Lost the book for a couple months.  Found it.

Today I decided to look up example bucket lists on the internet, to see what other people want to do.  Ming said it was genius.  I said it was cheating.

The vast majority of things don’t interest me at all.  But I did come up with some ideas.

Some things I have already done but would like to do again.  Anyway, here’s a list.

pick fruit at an orchard, cave tour, sleep in a treehouse, boat trip (another island?), photoshoot of me and Ming, high tea with Ming, Wah concert, record myself singing more holy songs, somatic therapy, hypnotism, palm reading, tarot card reading, mushroom hunt, new business cards, something with bees, 24 hour eat raw, 24 hour silence, buy myself flowers, all-bodies yoga retreat, device-free day, touch the Atlantic Ocean, ride a camel, visit a pyramid, see a swamp, watch grunion run, visit a lavender labyrinth near Mt Shasta, visit a castle, float in the Red Sea, watch Whirling Dervishes

I said, “Some of the things, they would be expensive.  You know, nobody would take me mushroom hunting–I’d just slow them down.  Or else it’d be a tourist thing, like–pay $200 and they take you on a tourist’s mushroom hunt adventure.”

Ming told me he would take me mushroom hunting.  They’re just ideas.  But it’s fun to think of things to try.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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