Dangerous Compassions

what Ming believes

me:  Sometimes I think I’ve had so many ancestors, the world couldn’t hold all of their dead bodies.  But I guess some were burned.

M:  This is not a night topic.

me:  And the world is really big.  Do you think my ancestors love me?

M:  Ancestors love the living.

me:  What do they do for us?

M:  They make the sun rise.  The crops grow.

me:  I don’t farm.  Do my white ancestors love me?

M:  All your ancestors love you.

me:  What if they’re racist?  Can my ancestors see me?

M:  Do you mean literaly?

me:  It’s good that they’re dead–ancestors are supposed to be dead.  That’s their job…will I be an ancestor someday?

M:  Yes.

me:  Will I love the living?  What if I hate them?  Ungrateful bastards!

M:  Ancestors love the living.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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