Dangerous Compassions


Our friend is visiting from New Orleans.  She is the kid of our other friend.  She runs a Catholic Worker house.  She used to run this one, for a while, with her spouse. 

Today we went to her sister’s house and sat at the kitchen table, just talking for a while.  I drank peach Perrier.  Ming had a Coke.  She had three glasses of red wine. 

I asked for advice about a couple things.  We talked about money.  Family.  Personalities and getting along.

Lately I want a lot of comfort: mac and cheese, Ming’s hand on my back, wearing my mom’s clothes, sleep.  Warm things.

Too much to do.  But tomorrow we leave town, so I can forget about some of the responsibility, for a while.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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