Dangerous Compassions

two teeshirts and how yesterday’s meal went

For a while I have wanted a teeshirt that says I LOVE JUNK BIRDS and then it would have a picture of a raven, crow, or grackle on it.  You know a lot of birders, they travel to other continents to glimpse a rare bird and check if off their list.  Whoopdiedoo.  I’d rather watch a grackle play any day.  Or a crow feeding its baby.  Or ravens taking everything out of a trashcan!

More recently I decided I want a teeshirt that says DON’T FUCK WITH DISABLED PEOPLE.  This is more of a joke idea because would I really wear a shirt with a f word on it?  I just feel like I’m in a situation where I’m down to zero spoons and then someone fucks with me, and I’m like, really?  I have no capability of dealing with your shit right now.

There are pots on the stove, still dirty from yesterday’s meal.  The food turned out pretty good and was praised.  My friend who was sitting right next to me had four servings of black eyed peas.  He kept dishing himself a little more.  “These are so good,” he said.  Ming got him a plastic container so he could take some home.  We roasted four delicata squash and I’m very grateful to Ming for all that chopping.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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