Dangerous Compassions

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There’s a prisoner who wrote to the Catholic Worker asking for help.  He’s imprisoned in Reno but will be released in Las Vegas and was looking for a church that would accept him despite his past mistakes.  So he wanted a list of all the Christian churches in Las Vegas.  Well, there are a whole lot.  So I gave him a partial list.  Also he needs a lawyer to help him because he got a bad knee replacement.

Anyway, today another letter came from him.  He was thanking me for all I’ve done for him and asked me if I was a nun.  It was so nice I almost cried.  No one ever asked me if I was a nun before.

Also he wants a calendar.  Usually my friend G accumulates free calendars so I will ask him.

Tomorrow I cook a big birthday meal.  Luckily I don’t have to bake the cake.  I’m making black-eyed peas, rice, spinach salad, and roasted delicata squash.  Ming chops veg for me.  It’s all vegan.

Today at therapy I talked so much.  I told about all my realizations and struggles and feelings and decisions.  It was great.  I talked about my issues with money.  I talked about Ming’s happiness.  I feel so lucky I get free therapy.

I remember years ago when I was searching for a therapist who takes my insurance.  I called tons of therapists, left messages, asked questions.  This one therapist said no, she would not see me, when I mentioned I hear voices.  I remember that hurt my feelings.

My current therapist, she is so nice.  She can handle anything I throw at her.  She takes everything in stride.  She asks clarifying questions and is super validating and understanding.  She is smart and has tools in her toolbox but very humble about it and stays out of the way.  There’s no deep love between us like I felt with my previous therapist.  But it’s cozy and feels healthy and comforting and helpful.

Whoever invented therapy was a smarty pants.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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