Dangerous Compassions

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I’ve been cleaning out my inbox.  I used to keep it spartan.  Then it filled up with emails I hadn’t dealt with. 

A certain friend emailed me a ton, and I emailed him back a ton but slightly less.  I had all these emails from him with unanswered questions from the previous year. 

So I went through and read them, taking notes, then archiving them.  And I wrote him an interesting, varied six-page letter on pink paper, answering all the questions.  It’s a good letter.  I showed it to Ming too.

Then I did it again the next day, but the second letter was only four pages.  It included a description of Santa Barbara that I was proud of.  I read it aloud to Ming and Mom.  Ming liked it.

“I left out the part about running into a surfer on the hiking trail, with his sandy-brown long hair, wearing shorts and Tevas, with his golden retriever on a leash,” I said. 

Then we talked about Tevas.  I went to their website–they still exist.  I kind of always wanted some.

I also want this book Celestial Wisdom which talks about life at all the different ages by Z Budapest.  But how many unread books do I have?

I also want a weighted blanket.  There’s a blanket Mom made so thick and heavy it’s like that.  Comforting.

This old lady I knew much of my life died.  She was a teacher at Mom’s previous preschool and then worked as a substitute.  “I think she didn’t have a mean bone in her body,” Mom says.  “How many people can you say that about?”

RIP Ester Keough!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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