Dangerous Compassions


I was on facebook on a vegan group and saw someone moving to Las Vegas asking where she and her family should live.  There were 25 or so responses, and no one said my neighborhood.

Lots of suggestions of Summerlin, where the rich people live.  And lots of suggestions of Henderson too.

I wanted to chime in in support of where Ming and I live.  But I felt awkward.  We have crime.  It’s kind of a food desert.  But I like it here.  I feel way more comfortable here.  It’s a real place.

Last night I went to a women’s group.  It was the third new-to-me women’s group I’ve been to in a month.  I feel burned out on people.  I think I’ll skip the 11:30 women’s group today at UMOK.

Tomorrow we leave town.  Today I need to pack and clean up.

I ordered a dress.  It has constellations on it.  I hope it comes today.  Then I’ll wash it and wear it to the special party.

This morning I slept in, not wanting to wake up from a beautiful ritual dream.  There was this important water in a silver cup.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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