Dangerous Compassions

storage unit

Yesterday I cleaned out my inbox, burned my thumb on tortilla steam, talked to my mom, went to the storage unit for a few things. 

In the storage unit, everything’s dirty.  They leaf blow the dirt right in.  It’s pretty gross, coating everything.

This special bag my mom made me is falling apart.  I was strangely sad.  The yellow is disintegrating.

Picked up some Christmas cards from last year.  And the postcard collection I want to dissolve.

A winter coat is too small for me.  Maybe I’ll give it to Safe Nest.

People are coming over to help us with the mailings.  I txted friends.

Ming put a little space heater by my feet.  It’s improved my quality of life.

Oh, the peanut sauce noodles turned out great.  The split pea soup even better.  I didn’t blend it.  We all liked it chunky.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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