Dangerous Compassions

strong will to live

I’m working on some secret stuff.  Tis the season.

From outside the tomato you could see the little sprouts inside pushing against the tomato skin.

Brezney told me to spend five minutes visualizing the attainment of my most holy desire.  I’ve had lots of fantasies in my life.  But what do I really want, now?  

Ming is separating delicata seeds from gack.  I heated up leftovers for lunch.

Thinking about salad.  The past.  What people say vs what people do.

R gave me a ride home from therapy.  Then we stopped by the Worker to pick up a few things.  I scored two pounds of small red beans.  What a joy.  I love beans.

The only thing better than beans is free beans!

Yesterday these kidney beans I made went over well.  They had coconut milk in them as well as cumin seeds, curry powder, salt, onion, garlic.  I froze the leftovers.

I feel so happy I could cry.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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