Dangerous Compassions

how to fix Laura-Marie

Someone told me she thought this long-lingering cough is because I need to speak my truth more, that I need to unblock my throat chakra.  A couple years ago I was working hard on that and made a lot of progress.  But maybe she’s right?

I write a lot–emails, letters, blog posts, journaling, zines.  Does that count as speaking my truth?  Maybe I need to do it more with my mouth.

Someone else told me to megadose on vitamin c, to take it every two hours, that I would poop a lot but it would move things on their way.  She said something about a virus.  I don’t think I have a virus, but what the heck.  I’m kind of scared to take a ton of vitamin c, but I happen to have some.

Sometimes I think I just need to try more allergy medicines till I find the right one.  Oh, life.

All sortsa stuff is going on.  Ming went to court to support our friend who was told today to stay out of trouble for three months or he’ll go to jail.  I think it’s racist.

I’m making community lunch.  I’ll start the beans in an hour.

Our van broke down again.  The new transmission was a dud!  We were stuck at an intersection.  People behind us were so mad, like it was our fault our van had broken.  They yelled obscenities at Ming as they vroomed by.  Oh, Las Vegas.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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